Located within the area of University of Colorado Boulder’s East Campus, Riverside Refuge is nestled amongst the trees and sits atop Boulder Creek. Inspired by trees intertwining and weaving together, the winding path allows stressed students and anyone who needs a moment for themselves to stroll and be calmed by the serene hush of the flowing water and the lull of the gentle curves of the walkway.
In the central oculus, the overhanging pieces of wood provide unique shadows throughout the day as sunlight filters through, making it the ideal place to contemplate and observe. If visitors prefer to be alone they can relax on the wooden pieces emerging from under the deck or they can gaze down through the openings at the water trickling by. Larger groups of people have the opportunity to lounge together on the benches that weave through the deck and look out onto the river. Riverside Refuge absorbs the woes and pressures of everyday people, and transports them to a tranquil realm full of reflection and respite.
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