The OASIS (Operational Aid, Safety, Immunity Station) is a deployable public station designed to not only protect, but enhance individuals’ first amendment rights: the rights to peaceably assemble and exercise freedom of speech. The OASIS walkway serves as a living, breathing dialogue for the community and allows individuals to express themselves and hear others. As time goes on, people’s stories, art, and thoughts are added to the frame, creating a diverse collage of discourse and life.
Although all the OASIS pieces are easy to assemble and fit in one standard shipping container, its power grows the longer it stays in one location. The 8’ x 20’ x 8.5’ shipping container packs 6 main items:
1. Boxes full of water, non-perishable snacks, basic first aid kits, and materials for writing messages
2. Acrylic “shields” with first amendment related rights written upon them
3. Acrylic coverings that allow the OASIS to provide shelter during bad weather conditions
4. Metal arch framework that composes the skeleton
5. Metal bases for tables
6. Acrylic pieces that serve as benches or table tops
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