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There are about 2.5 million artists (including designers, architects, and musicians) in the United States workforce. These artisans are 3.6 times more likely to be self employed than other workers. However, it can be difficult for creative people to showcase their work and make a living off of it. This design provides a space for residents to teach classes as well as host artists’ markets where they can sell their work: enhancing their income and getting their name out. Art Alcove congregates creators of all types and allows them to not only exhibit their work, but also live in a community that fosters creativity and inspires innovation.
Art Alcove is located in the “Golden Triangle District” in Denver, Colorado, a bustling metropolis rich in culture with a vibrant artistic presence. The “Golden Triangle” region specifically is a key hub filled with historic landmarks and art museums: the perfect location to further cultivate an artistic community. 
Art Alcove features ten ateliers with garage-like operable glazing allowing artists to bring their projects outdoors. On days when the community hosts an artists’ market, these propped open spaces create stalls for a convenient way to display and sell work. 
The top of the studios is covered by a deck which encourages community interaction and guides visitors on market days. This deck alternates between pieces of wood and clear glazing; allowing light to filter through and be further diffused by the translucent atelier ceiling. 
In the ateliers it is important to maintain stable, diffuse light, and avoid glare in order for creative task oriented work to take place. Top lighting is one of the most constant and reliable daylighting techniques which is why the studios rely on it. 
The atelier which was examined had a Spatial Daylight Autonomy of 100% meaning 100% of the space is adequately lit (at least 300 lux) for at least 50% of the time. The average lux in this studio space was 779 which falls within the desired range of 300-3000 lux and provides a soft, ambient quality. The quantity and intensity of light is fairly consistent throughout the year which is perfect for an artist’s studio.
A communal workspace with room for a kiln, some pottery wheels, a laser cutter, welding equipment, and a CNC machine is included among the ateliers. This space can be used for the artists to teach classes, further increasing their income sources.
The six dwelling units are all about 700 sq feet, and are layered in a way that creates three levels of outdoor decks for the residents to enjoy. In order to preserve a sense of serenity for the working artists, and create an environment conducive to creativity, the units are placed to block sound and views from vehicular traffic. This oasis in the midst of the hectic city lends itself to productivity and maximizes artists potential. Out of the chaotic urban commotion rises Art Alcove: spreading the reaches of creativity.
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